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Re: pkg-kde: commit - rev 90 - in trunk/packages/kdelibs/debian: . dh-make

On April 5, 2004 03:41 pm, Dominique Devriese wrote:
>  With that said a typical menu file would look like this:
>     ?package(konqueror):\
>          needs=x11\
>          section=Apps/Net\
>          hints="KDE,Web browsers"\
> -        kderemove="y"\
>          title="Konqueror"\
>          command="kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing"

Shouldn't x11 and Apps/Net have quotes around them - meaning it should be 
needs="x11" and section="Apps/Net" ? Recent lintians warn if the quotes 
aren't present, IIRC. Also, a line for the menu entry's icon 
(icon="/usr/share/pixmaps/konqicon.xpm" or whatever it is) might be nice, 
just to encourage the practice of supplying icons.

Otherwise, thanks for updating Packaging.txt.

Christopher Martin

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