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Bug#227538: kdelibs: bug persists in 3.2.1

On Sun, Mar 28, 2004 at 11:01:18AM +0200, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> Itai Seggev writes:
> > Package: kdelibs Version: 4:3.1.4-2 Severity: normal Followup-For:
> > Bug #227538
> > The problem persists in the packages for version 3.2.1. I apt-got
> > the source of kdelibs, compiled it, and installed into
> > /usr/local/kde where I have kde compiled from KDE sources. The
> > problem didn't appear. 
> And you changed your KDEDIRS environment variable while doing this,
> right ?


> Do you perhaps have any idea which are the files 'containing' or
> representing those two styles, cause my guess is something went wrong
> with that ?

I believe that that the only files involve are /etc/kde3/kthemestylerc
and /urs/share/apps/kstyle/themes/system.themerc, and they both appear
to be fine. 

> > This suggest (to me, anyway) that the problem
> > is a side effect of the --mainter flag (or whatever it's called) to
> > configure.
> I'm not sure what flag you're talking about, can you please elaborate?

The debian patches create a new configure option
--enable-maintainer-mode. I have no idea what this does, but based on
the name and description I presumed that this is used when creating
the binary packages. I'm currently compiling kdelibs with this falg
set and will report back on the results.

> > Question: if do a ./confugre --prefix=/usr, while a "make install"
> > install over the dpkg?
> Yes.

OK, I'll try this also. 


Itai Seggev, University of Chicago, Department of Physics
Co-coordinator, Carmel Project (http://linbrew.sourceforge.net/carmel)

In 1997 a group of programmers started writing a desktop environment
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