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Bug#203722: How to handle the -mieee SIGFPE problem in normal Debian packages

package konqueror
reopen 203722

Steve Langasek writes:

>> I'm currently looking at the following bug report
>> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=203722 about a
>> frequent SIGFPE on an alpha machine.  I guess we all know the cause
>> of this bug, namely the non-standard alpha FPU semantics.

> Even if gcc will soon adopt a patch to make -mieee the default,
> there will be older versions of gcc around for a while.  This is a
> bug *now*, and there's no reason not to add the -mieee explicitly to
> the compiler flags for the time being: it will just become a no-op
> later once this is the gcc default.

> If you prefer to integrate this into the upstream configure rules,
> that's fine, though it's trivial to do it in debian/rules instead
> (see pseudopatch on one of the other bugs).

Ok, thanks, I already closed the bug report after Falk's reply, but
I'm reopening it now, and will try to get the maintainer to
use the flag or do it myself when the group maintenance gets up to


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