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Bug#231339: [kregexpeditor] Old package libkregexpeditor not removed on upgrade

Frans Pop writes:

> On Sunday 08 February 2004 21:49, Dominique Devriese wrote:
>> package kregexpeditor severity 231339 normal thanks
>> Frans Pop writes:
>> > Package: kregexpeditor Version: 4:3.2.0-0woody1 Severity: serious
>> >
>> > The package kregexpeditor in the backports for Woody on
>> > download.kde.org has: Replaces: libkregexpeditor Conflicts:
>> > libkregexpeditor
>> >
>> > However, when I updated from the 3.1.4 backports, the old package
>> > libkregexpeditor_4:3.1.4-0woody1 was not removed and is now shown
>> > as obsolete in dselect.
>> How did you upgrade ?

> I used 'sudo dselect' from Konsole (update, select, install) and ran
> into the problem during this install.  System was left half-upgraded
> with KDE no longer usable, so I rebooted to Windows to google for
> solution. 

What problem did you run into that caused the upgrade to abort ?

I thought the problem was about a package remaining installed while it
should not have been, which is hardly going to cause an upgrade to


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