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Re: kde buildds screwed?

Robert Lemmen writes:

> hi everyone, i am trying to update umbrello to the new version, but
> all the buildds come up with a weird error [0] about some object not
> being for this architecture. this looks a lot like i am doing
> something wrong or as if i would ship i386 objects with the package,
> so i checked everything and it looks really good to me

Have you checked the hidden .libs directories ?
Is there a file ./dialogs/.libs/libdialogs.a present in the source you
uploaded ?

> i wanted to build the package myself on a non-i386 architecture, but
> debootstrap lookes a bit borked on mipsel, and my sponsor said
> something about the buildds being broken for kde builds 

There were various problems with the last builds of kde packages, but
these have nothing to do with your problem afaics.


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