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Bug#228241: kdebase-dev: Missing kdecoration.h and others

Chris Cheney <ccheney@cheney.cx> writes:

>> Could you please add them?
> I don't really want to add non KDE 3.1 headers to the KDE 3.1 debs. If
> you had been paying attention you would know those are KDE 3.2 specific.
> The KDE 3.2 only libkdedecoration is also missing...
> ccheney@calc:~/foo/kdebase-3.1.5$ find . -iname "*kdecoration*"
> ccheney@calc:~/foo/kdebase-3.1.5$
> ccheney@calc:~/foo/kdebase-3.1.5$ grep -r kdecoration *
> ccheney@calc:~/foo/kdebase-3.1.5$
> If its really there and I am just somehow missing it please reopen the
> bug with more information on how to find the headers/libraries. 8)

You are plain right. The right thing is not add them. I thought they
were part of KDE 3.1. FYI, I wanted to build redhat-artwork on
Debian so it seems redhat anticipated the KDE 3.2 release :P


Jérôme Marant

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