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Re: Fwd: KDE 3.1.5 Debian Packages

Christoph Cullmann writes:

> any ideas ?

First of all, this is the list for the kde-debian project, you need
the list debian-qt-kde@lists.debian.org for questions about the debian
Qt and KDE packages.

Second, about your question:  I'm not sure how the 3.1.4 packages
ended up in the 3.1.5 dir, but it's clear they don't belong there.
Ralf Nolden, who normally makes the KDE woody backports, appears to be
on holiday, and I imagine that by the time he gets back, KDE 3.2 will
be out already, so probably no KDE 3.1.5 Debian packages will be
appearing soon ( unless someone volunteers ), and you can remove the

( people from debian-qt-kde: please correct me if I'm wrong on any of
  the above ).


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