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Bug#215602: Found the cause

package kate
tags 215602 +upstream,confirmed
retitle 215602 kdelibs4: kscript doesn't work without kdelibs4-dev installed
forwarded 215602 http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71869
reassign 215602 kdelibs4


This bug is caused by the missing file /usr/lib/libshellscript.so ( it
is a link to libshellscript.so.0, provided by kdelibs4-dev ).  This
really is a KDE problem again, as they shouldn't be opening
libshellscript.so, but libshellscript.so.0.  In fact, they shouldn't
even be versioning this library, as it's an internal library only
dlopen'd by kdelibs itself.  

I've filed an upstream bug about this, hope they get it fixed for 3.2

Reporter: in the mean time, you can easily fix this bug by installing
kdelibs4-dev.  Otherwise, you'll have to do without KScript ( it's not
really all that useful atm anyway ;) ).


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