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Flyback package 462924-Clone of time machine

My name is Jasmin Saludo. I did not permit any of you to be synching any of my computers and illegally come in  my house to modify, edit and copy my files. CMS 7629256 is my reference number. Trespassing, computer hacking, invasion of privacy is a violation and a crime. Stealing my USB is a crime, modifying, editing and moving files and records of patients is illegal. To cloud any patient records and information without my permission is illegal. All of you are in violations of all Federal and state law. To copy, modify and redistribute any files and accounts that is not authorized is illegal. Cybercime in Healthcare is a very serious offense. I cannot wait to meet you all. Trashing my place, copying my files and getting in and out in  my house is purely illegal. I will advise you to release my computers, Iphone, iPad and any of my account. I did not give you any authority therefore this is illegal and a crime. Please return my USB. Please provide me all information how you guys copy, transfer, sync and all detailed information that you guys were doing. You do not understand what any of you had just done. Yes, all of you had violated all my rights but you just exposed thousand of patients records and files up in the air, all of you are sickening and deserve to be in jail. All of you are all illegal idiot fuckers. I hope all of you will go to jail.       

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