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Bug#754413: add a description field to keywords

On Sun, 19 Jul 2015, Christophe Siraut wrote:
> > => we should harmonize the button to say "Modify keywords" in all cases
> Please pick up 1e231b7 and 3 other cherries.

Done and deployed.

> > => for the keywords at the email level, I'm not sure why it would be empty
> > by default. It would seem natural to also have the default keywords
> > checked when there's no user-customize keywords at the email level.
> I don't really get the point of modifying keywords at the email level,
> do we need to keep this feature? Playing with it reveals bugs.

Yes, I would like to keep this feature. It defines the set of keywords
that you get for any new subscription with that email.

I just ran tox with Django 1.8 and it discovered a few issues in the code
that we might have broken when we introduced EmailSettings. It might
explain some of the issues with the fact that we had no keywords at the
email level...

> Yes I will evaluate a rewrite, replacing javascript with django forms.
> Keyword model migration can wait until then.


> Yes, this change relates to the accordion thing not the popup. Anyway
> the accordion is not useful, it only duplicates information in the
> popup, the rewrite should keep only one.

Ack. What could be useful however is a form to mass-edit many
subscriptions (like enable/disable a keyword on many subscriptions).
But that's a separate topic.

Thanks for your contribution!
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