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Bug#754413: make subscriptions modification actionable


On Mon, 13 Jul 2015, Christophe Siraut wrote:
> Raphaël wrote:
> > we should just move the "modify" button to be always
> > visible, no?
> Yes, simple yet efficient. Please pull 0080f0b.

Thanks, merged and deployed.

> >> +<p>Please refer to the <a
> >> href="https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/resources.html#pkg-tracking-system";>developer
> >> reference</a> for a description of the subscription keywords.</a></p>
> >
> > This is not OK. This information must be available on the screen where
> > you pick the keywords for your subscription. And I'd rather avoid an
> > external reference. We should have added a description field to the
> > Keyword model...
> Yes, we should provide contextual help on the subscription keywords
> meaning. As we are now running Django 1.7 I will add a description field
> and adapt the fixture. (Do you recommend opening another bug or renaming
> the current one?)

We can continue to use this bug, it's ok for me.

Make sure that the migration(s) creates the missing field and injects the
proper default values.

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