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[ANNOUNCE] Introducing ScanCode, a new tool to scan code for licenses and origin.

ScanCode is a new tool to scan code for open source licenses and origin.

It could be of use for some people in the QA team hence this
one-time announce post.

ScanCode could be an adjunct for package QA and could also help
maintainers to create or update package copyright files.

It tries to identify the license and origin of third-party
code using rules and specialized parsers to detect copyrights,
licenses and other provenance clues in the code itself.

This is a command line tool, Apache-licensed, primarily coded in
Python, intensively tested, and hopefully made to be easy to use and
hack. It runs on Linux (of course), Mac and Windows.

Download: https://github.com/nexB/scancode-toolkit/releases
Doc: https://github.com/nexB/scancode-toolkit/blob/master/README.rst

Feedback welcomed.
Philippe Ombredanne

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