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Bug#792566: tracker.debian.org: please show source (and binary) dependency satisfaction problems

Package: tracker.debian.org
Severity: wishlist
Control: block -1 by 792564


at qa.d.o/dose, daily dependency satisfaction tests are performed on all
packages in Debian unstable and testing for main, contrib and non-free
each for binary packages as well as for source packages.

It would be great if any issues about dependency satisfaction problems
(source packages that cannot satisfy their build dependencies anymore
and binary packages that cannot satisfy their binary dependencies
anymore) would show up in the "action needed" list on the tracker.

I think this would greatly help to reduce the time from a source package
becoming uncompilable or a binary package becoming uninstallable to the
issue being found and fixed.

I don't think many maintainers check qa.d.o/dose themselves and thus
they only notice the issue once somebody stumbles across it and files a
bug report. This is undesirable as at least the dependency satisfaction
test can be done automatically without human intervention.

This requires that qa.d.o/dose exports its results in a machine readable
format, thus blocking this bug by #792564.


cheers, josch

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