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when is it ok for a package to need "apt-get dist-upgrade" to upgrade?

Hi Paul,

first of all, I don't think a package can just "say" that it only can be 
upgraded by "apt-get dist-upgrade" and not "apt-get upgrade" but it's early 
and I'm still sleepy, so I cannot give you a reason like "policy 1.2.3" :/

Can someone enlighten me please?

second, the script does just that, for upgrading from $distro to $distro this 
is done after updating sources.list:

apt-get update
apt-get -y upgrade
apt-get clean
apt-get -yf dist-upgrade
apt-get clean
apt-get -yf dist-upgrade
apt-get clean
apt-get -y autoremove

The full script can be found in git.debian.org/git/qa/jenkins.debian.net.git 
and then in bin/chroot-installation.sh it is. For this job it is called with 
"wheezy education-development jessie" as arguments.

Third, I seriously dispute the severity of this bug being "normal", but see 
first :-)


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