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Bug#764178: debsources: infobox CSS alignment problem with short files

On Tue, Nov 04, 2014 at 07:03:38PM -0500, Jason Pleau wrote:
> My commit adds a padding-right to make sure that even if the file has
> one short line, it's content will be left-aligned.

Thanks Jason, your explanation makes a lot of sense to me now. And the
description in the commit is now good enough to explain what's going on
also to a CSS-illiterate like myself :)

> The 450px that I've written is a bit arbitrary.

This is the only remaining aspect that concerns me. It is indeed
arbitrary, and I'm pretty sure it will lead to nasty side effects on
small screens.

I've reviewed the rest of the current CSS files, and it seems to me that
all other use cases for large px values are more safe (e.g. input field
widths) than the one your patch is introducing. How about using a
relative width instead?

If CSS gurus are reading this, please advise on what you think is the
best solution here.

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