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Bug#754658: please display the package's description

On Mon, 22 Sep 2014, Paul Wise wrote:
> > Is there an argument for not replacing point (3) above with:
> >
> >   (3*) Otherwise, use the description of the first binary in
> >   debian/control order
> >
> > My gut feeling is that (2) is enough to counter most of the misleading
> > results that (3*) alone would produce.
> Sounds good to me.

Except that we don't know anything of the order when we extract
Packages/Sources files. We do extract debian/control of the source package
but it's just to make it available to users currently. There's no
post-processing of that file for further uses...

> Raphael, the PTS also has long descriptions in title attributes of the
> abbrev tags that enclose short descriptions, could we add that to the
> distro tracker too? The PTS uses this HTML:
> <small><abbrev title="{longdesc}">{shortdesc}</abbrev></small>

It should be doable since we extract it as well. Added to my TODO (Andrew,
if you want to take care of it, feel free!). It's just a matter a adding
the long_description attribute (and factorizing in a @cached_property the
logic to identify the underlying binary package to use).

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