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Re: reportbug reports are not sent

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 3:09 PM, Chris Knadle wrote:

> The problem is that a default MTA installation (Exim4 for example) usually
> cannot deliver email without configuration specific to you, such as forward
> mail to a more authoritative MTA (e.g. through your normal email provider) on
> the internet via SMTP AUTH.  So if the local MTA hasn't been configured to
> forward mail to the outside world, then any mail that gets sent to it that is
> meant for the outside world gets "stuck" -- silently.  :-(  Notifications of
> email getting stuck are sent to who is set to get the email for the root user,
> but it's then common that nobody looks at that email.  [This issue gets
> discussed periodically, and I haven't yet heard a viable solution for it other
> than "have someone look at the mail that goes to the root user".]

I believe Don plans to add a HTTP API for reportbug submissions.



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