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Re: Limiting piuparts results in DDPO

Re: Andreas Beckmann 2014-05-26 <[🔎] 53827309.9020100@debian.org>
> [ switching to -qa@ and piuparts-devel@ ]
> I think we can assign severities to piuparts problems. for now 2 should
> suffice:
> * serious, e.g. "modifies/deletes files from an unrelated package"
> * important, e.g. "leaves cruft in /var/log/$PACKAGE/ after purge"
> For stable releases we usually disable the tests that result in
> "important" bugs since these are not going to be fixed there anyway.
> And serious ones in stable should be only a few :-)
> If there is a serious failure (in a critical suite), ignore important ones.
> Furthermore we should be able to rank the distributions and show only
> the highest ranked failure - most likely the same failure shows up in
> more than one suite.

This sounds like a reasonable approach. The output in DDPO should then
be something like "T2S" with tooltip "failure in testing2sid (and 5
more)". Or maybe include extra detail in the tooltip. There's two
lines of text available, so possibly two problems could be shown.

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