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Bits from the orphaned / unknown-package bugs front

Hi owner, -qa, ftpmaster,

I was looking at the "unknown-package" bugs to see if new ones appeared 
and indeed there are some. Looking only at a few from the 700000 range I 
noticed a few classes:

1. not received via unknown-package@

#741491 [n|  |  ] [logind] logind doesn't suspend on lid closure while pm-suspend does
#742500 [n|  |  ] [rts5139.ko] rts5139.ko: unable to access sdcard reader unless unloading/loading the kernel module rts5139.ko
#742981 [n|  |  ] [idk] OpenGL Fail - undefined symbol: _glapi_tls_Dispatch

As far as I can tell I never received these via the unknown-package@ 
alias. The only explanation I have is that gmail might be silently 
dropping some mails (I do check my Spam folder regularly). Funny that I 
did receive #742499 (also filed against 'rts5139.ko').

@owner: could you please look into this? If gmail is indeed the problem 
I'll see if I can receive all unknown-package@ mail via a different 

2. binary package removed from the archive

#745434 [n|  |  ] [fusionforge-plugin-oslc] fusionforge-plugin-oslc: Fails on loading config file from /etc/fusionforge/
#745435 [n|+u|  ] [fusionforge-plugin-oslc] fusionforge-plugin-oslc: Fails on missing Zend_Rest_Controller::headAction abstract method

According to snapshot.d.o this was built from src:fusionforge, but has 
been dropped at some point. As far as I know whenever a (source) package 
is removed from unstable all it's bugs are closed, but this was just one 

@ftpmaster: would it be possible to automate closing these bugs, 
assuming you can distinguish between these and...

3. binary package superseded

#741624 [n|  |  ] [libpoppler37] libpoppler37: Ligatures dont print
#734370 [n|  |  ] [linux-image-3.12-1-rt-amd64] btrfs lockup with 3.12 RT kernel

src:linux is especially prone to these kind of bugs, but also library 
packages. This was discussed in the past and several solutions proposed, 
but to my knowledge none was implemented.

Besides the above, the influx of bugs filed against unknown packages 
would drop significantly (to half, possibly even less) if these were 
implemented (more or less the same issue):

#352104 [w|  |  ] [debbugs] [pkgreport.cgi] resolve src=foopkg to the source package that builds the binary when there is no source by that name
#721793 [w|  |  ] [bugs.debian.org] Please file bugs against the source package if submitter uses Source: <binary-package>

Kind regards,
Andrei (just one of the people behind the unknown-package@ alias)
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