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Proposal for GSoC project [PTS rewrite in Django]


I was going through Advice for GSoC Students and get to know that it's a good idea to get feedback from the community before submitting final application.

I have made a rough proposal for the project and wish to share the proposal here to get some feedbacks. The link of my draft proposal (in google doc) is:


I have tried my best to keep the proposal as per the template provided by Debian and to include all the ideas that I had and was provided by the members of the community.

I request you to please spare some time, read the proposal and provide me feedback and suggestions regarding where the proposal is lacking or if I have missed any important point or detail crucial to this project and how I could improve it.
Editing and adding comments is enabled to the doc, so feel free to add comments, make editing directly to the doc or comment here in this list.

PS: Hope to get feedbacks and improvements.

Thanks and Regards,
Pankaj Kumar Sharma | पंकज कुमार शर्मा
 Jamia Millia Islamia

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