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Re: [GSoC] Using a messaging system to interface the different parts of Debian infrastructure

Hi Raphael,
Quoting Raphael Hertzog (2013-04-09 15:58:48)
> Hello,
> On Tue, 09 Apr 2013, Simon Chopin wrote:
> > Fedora is in the process of implementing a message bus architecture,
> > fedmsg, that addresses the exact same issues. I was wondering if there
> > was people interested in using the same technology for our
> > infrastructure. I've sent this mail to the teams I assume would be
> > interested.
> Does fedmsg store messages so that you can retrieve older messages
> assuming that you have been offline or down for some amount of time?
> If yes, then it's definitely something that could be interesting.

This functionnality isn't built-in, but it would be relatively easy to
either build this functionality either by having a service dedicated to
it, listening on all given topics and repeating the messages on demand,
or by storing the messages in the services themselves, at least for some
of them — I guess there are events that are only interesting at the
moment they're emitted.

> > So, anyone interested in the project, esp. for mentoring ? :-)
> I'm already a mentor an another projet so I'll pass.

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