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[GSoC] Using a messaging system to interface the different parts of Debian infrastructure


I'm a prospective GSoC student as well as a Debian user and contributor,
and was looking for project ideas to submit for this year's GSoC when
Nicolas Dandrimont (olasd) mentionned to me fedmsg[1] and the current
state of interfaces throughout the Debian infrastructure.

As far as I understand it, there is no standard in the infrastructure
for providing interfaces. Most of what I heard and read was ad hoc
interfacing and heavy use of cronjobs to keep it all in sync.

Fedora is in the process of implementing a message bus architecture,
fedmsg, that addresses the exact same issues. I was wondering if there
was people interested in using the same technology for our
infrastructure. I've sent this mail to the teams I assume would be

Assuming interest, I was thinking of the following plan for the GSoC

  * Packaging fedmsg
  * Make dak (or whoever else wanting to be the guinea pig) send out
    messages on diverse events (NEW processing, testing migration...)
  * Make the QA clients (and others if they volunteer) of dak use this
    new interface instead of the old one.
  * Lather, rince, repeat with another piece of the infrastructure.

About myself:
I'm a 23 year old CS student, in second year at the University of Rennes
1, in France. In Debian, I've mostly done Python packaging within the
Debian Python Modules Team and Python Applications Packaging Team, but
I'm also remotely interested in QA and am curious about the whole
infrastructure aspect of the distribution.

So, anyone interested in the project, esp. for mentoring ? :-)


[1] http://fedmsg.com/

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