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Re: Question - Starting in Debian-QA

On Sun, Jan 13, 2013 at 1:48 AM, Damir Andrasevic wrote:

> I am among others, user of Debian, so I would like to help out and
> give back my share to the community (and also learn something new
> along the way, off course).
> I have wandered around Debian web and given my present expertise I
> feel the most competent (for now) to help with the bug part (finding,
> testing and so on). So, my question in fact is, how or where does one
> starts to help, if somebody could point me into the right direction
> cause I'm not really sure where and what to start doing excatly.

Could you let us know what technical skills you have?

There are lots of different strategies to finding bugs.

The simplest but the most work would be to try out each package,
filing bugs for all the issues you can see. This work is the most
useful for packages that don't yet have bugs filed against them.

We also need people to help with bug triage, especially for packages
with large numbers of filed bugs, often the teams or individuals
maintaining them do not have enough time to look through filed bugs
and see if they still exist or not.


You may also want to help with the next release, in that case, there
are lots of Release-Critical bugs to be fixed.


In Debian we tend to prefer to do automated testing/checking since it
is less work. You can find some examples of the automated
testing/checking we do in Debian on the QA wiki pages:




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