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UDD migrated to ullmann, update your scripts! (Was: UDD migration to ullmann.debian.org)

TL;DR: The UDD (Ultimate Debian Database) migration to
ullmann.debian.org is finished. Please update your scripts to connect to
the new instance. See http://wiki.debian.org/UltimateDebianDatabase for
up-to-date information on how to connect.

Some details below:

On 25/06/12 at 09:54 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> [dsa] tune PG (with pgtune?)
>   Benchmark 1: (squeeze-security import)
>   udd@ullmann:/srv/udd.debian.org/udd$ time ./update-and-run.sh debian-squeeze-security
>   ullmann: real	0m55.363s user	0m10.285s sys	0m0.476s
>   my laptop (with SSD): real	0m17.079s user	0m9.229s sys	0m0.196s
>   samosa: real	9m48.011s user	0m26.834s sys	0m1.116s
>   Benchmark 2: (bugs import)
>   udd@ullmann:/srv/udd.debian.org/udd$ time ./update-and-run.sh bugs
>   ullmann: real	33m12.664s user	26m44.580s sys	1m31.834s
>   my laptop (with SSD): real	17m37.500s user	16m4.344s sys	0m25.270s
>   samosa: hours
>   (the numbers for samosa are particularly bad, but that could be because 
>   the cron'ed manual vacuuming happens at the beginning of each month)

So, this was tracked down to slightly-lower-than-expected I/O
performance on ullmann, due to one or several of the various layers over
the SSD (DRBD, virtio, LVM, ...).

> [tille] ddtp, ubuntu-ddtp ftpnew screenshots, bibref, blends-prospective,
>    removals, i18n-apps
>    please integrate the needed tables into sql/setup.sql, I got lost in all 
>    your .sql files and moved them to sql/Attic/
>    those importers are disabled in cron currently

This has not been done yet.

All scripts hosted on http://udd.debian.org/ have been updated to use
the new instance.

Thanks a lot for everybody involved in this.


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