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Re: non-DD QA work and question about Wheeze freeze

Le 23/06/2012 21:23, Boris Pek a écrit :
>> I am interested to sponsor the science packages for you (and the other
>> if nobody from the QA team takes them).
> Great! So I can prepare few packages in addition to these. How much time
> do I have? Only time before freeze or time before freeze plus some days?
The sooner, the better. You are probably aware that the freeze is in 7 days.
>> However, I would like to know if you could adopt them to insure the
>> future maintenance.
> Unfortunately no, I have no plans to maintain these packages constantly.
Well, I hope you will maintain them a bit once we sponsored them (at
least for regressions).

> I found them during observing the list of orphaned packages with important
> and normal bugs. Such bugs are less popular than serious, grave and critical,
> but someone should care about them. Also orphaned packages usually have some
> room for improvements.
> Also I want to create git repositories in collab-maint for these packages
> if/when Alioth administrators give me access. This should simplify their
> future updates.


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