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Re: non-DD QA work and question about Wheeze freeze


Thank you for a reply.

Now I am subscribed to debian-qa mailing list and there is no need to Cc me

> I am interested to sponsor the science packages for you (and the other
> if nobody from the QA team takes them).

Great! So I can prepare few packages in addition to these. How much time
do I have? Only time before freeze or time before freeze plus some days?

> However, I would like to know if you could adopt them to insure the
> future maintenance.

Unfortunately no, I have no plans to maintain these packages constantly.

I found them during observing the list of orphaned packages with important
and normal bugs. Such bugs are less popular than serious, grave and critical,
but someone should care about them. Also orphaned packages usually have some
room for improvements.

Also I want to create git repositories in collab-maint for these packages
if/when Alioth administrators give me access. This should simplify their
future updates.

Best regards,

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