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Re: request for help to fix common mistakes in wnpp bugs

Bart Martens <bartm@debian.org> writes:

>> A script could catch this easily,
>> hence the patch offer in the previous mail. Provided a script exist,
>> which I'm not sure about,
> I don't think this can be processed easily with a script.  If you intend to
> write such a script, then I'm interested in reviewing it.

I'll see if I can come up with something during the weekend.

>> Nathan told me he didn't use one.
> In that case it was just an honest mistake, not the result of a buggy script,
> so there's no immediate need to verify all other "owner" commands.

I assumed a buggy script, because that's how I would've done it. I'm an
infinitely lazy man, and I'd rather spend a day writing a script which I
can use for years on, than do a manual review once. (Plus reviewing the
output of the script would be much easier anyway)

And no, there is no need to verify the other owner assignments now. If
anyone notices they've been wrongly assigned as owner, it's easy to

In the future though, I'd rather script this, both to make it easier for
people to do the work (and for the record, I much appreciate the effort,
kudos!), and less error prone.


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