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Re: (semi) automatic check for broken links in package descriptions

Hi Simon,

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 10:42:02PM +0200, Simon Kainz wrote:
> Hi,
> after getting frustrated by broken links in some package
> descriptions, i hacked up a script to check for broken links in the
> packages descriptions.
> (see http://simon.familiekainz.at/dropbox/errs.html, based on
> wheezy/amd64) for an example. Is this worth investing some work into
> it? I'd gladly do, and (mass)file some bugs and imrove the script,
> if this is of some interest for QA/Debian and not being done
> already.

I'm with pabs about integrating it to qa.d.o, sounds really helpful :) Btw,
I've just checked a few links reported as error 500 and some seem to not
present any problem. See:


Best regards,

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