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debbugs and debian-ports.org (was Re: Bug#660149 closed by Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@debian.org> (Re: atari-bootstrap: fails to boot kernel))

Francesca Ciceri dixit:

>Hey mira :)


>> where are we supposed to track bugs against packages in
>> debian-ports.org’s unreleased suite?
>Aehm. No idea. I mean, do you usually use the BTS? 

Good question. Strictly speaking, debian-ports.org is not
Debian (no matter whether it’s a package in the unstable
or experimental suites which contain binaries compiled
from unmodified sources from the same-named suites in
Debian, although not always their latest version, or its
unreleased suite, which contains full source and binaries
of packages needing architecture-specific patches which
are not yet applied by the maintainer of the package in
unstable, or, in this case, arch-specific packages which
obviously cannot live in sid). Strictly speaking, the
Debian BTS is for Debian packages, considering it does
things like version tracking and the likes.

Packages in unreleased currently also do not show up in
the PTS at all, whereas packages in d-p.org unstable and
experimental do show up there. (I wish this could change.)
So there is precedent.

On the other hand, d-p.org is for architectures that would
like to be part of official Debian releases (again) some
day, and having everything working the same would help;
reportbug for example doesn’t distinguish between a Debian
(release or not) and Debian-Ports architecture (even in
cases where it should, like FTBFS bugs on d-p.org are not
RC bugs, although neither are they on Debian architectures
that are not release architectures…).

I don’t know what should be the answer. There are strong
points for both sides. Getting users to report bugs against
something not the BTS for _some_ packages will be hard,
even if we find something.

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