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Re: Bug#660149 closed by Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@debian.org> (Re: atari-bootstrap: fails to boot kernel)

[cc-ing debian-qa mailing list: maybe they can help]

@debian-qa people: I'm going through the backlog of "unknow maintainers
/ removed packages" bug reports, and I just closed #660149, as the
package is no longer in Debian. 
The problem is the package is still part of the m68k unreleased port.

On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 12:18:32PM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Debian Bug Tracking System dixit:
> >Their explanation is attached below along with your original report.
> >If this explanation is unsatisfactory and you have not received a
> >better one in a separate message then please contact Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@debian.org> by
> >replying to this email.
> Hi,

Hey mira :)

> where are we supposed to track bugs against packages in
> debian-ports.org’s unreleased suite?

Aehm. No idea. I mean, do you usually use the BTS? 
In that case I'll reopen the bug: I'm cleaning the backlog of
bugs reported against packages removed, but you have definitely a
point (and I don't know nothing about how ports are managed).

What do you suggest?

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