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Re: UDD broken for dde.debian.net

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 11:34:45AM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> > No.  Not that I would know of.  I did the updates by
> > 
> >    psql udd < sql/upgrade.sql
> Arg, sql/upgrade.sql is a way to document the changes that should be
> done to another instance, and should not be used that way, since it
> recreates the whole DB.
> I hope that other changes were not undone....

Well, to be more precise the line above was a bit short.  I did not
piped the full sql/upgrade.sql code into psql udd but I rather used the
last part which was specifically containing those parts that concerned
the description-less packages files.  To be even more precise:
Everything that comes past

-- 2012-01-23
-- description-less packages files
ALTER TABLE packages add description_md5 text;
ALTER TABLE ubuntu_packages add description_md5 text;
ALTER TABLE derivatives_packages add description_md5 text;

DROP VIEW all_packages;
ALTER TABLE packages DROP COLUMN long_description;

was executed.

When looking at it the GRANT statement after recreating the view is
really missing.

Should I re-add it (since you seem to have removed it yesterday)?

BTW, due to a lack of (easy to find?) documentation I simply assumed
that upgrade.sql would serve the purpose to remind the maintainer of UDD
what needs to be taken over into setup.sql.  Because I did not want to
do any harm I executed only those bits I have added personally which
seemed the most safe approach to me.

It would help to document the usage of this file in some kind of header.

Kind regards



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