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Re: Description-less packages file

>> You have them only for suites that have this feature enabled. These are
>> all where the following query hits (in projectb):
>> projectb=> select suite_name from suite where include_long_description is false;
>>         suite_name        
>> --------------------------
>>  unstable
>>  proposed-updates
>>  testing-proposed-updates
>>  experimental
>>  testing

>> Your best bet is to wait until after next release, where it will reach
>> stable too.

> That's a bit unfortunate because currently UDD is not featuring *any*
> long_descriptions at all and I guess the problem report on
> debian-devel[1] is connected to this (I have no idea how
> packages.debian.org works but it seems probable to me, that this is
> connected).  So with the current state of input files which are
> Packages.gz and Translations* which are in an inconsistent state for
> different releases we are certainly breaking applications using data
> from UDD.
> There are three ways to circumvent this:
>    1. Provide the missing information in the Packages.gz files
>       anyway.  Joerg, I have no idea how compley to implement
>       this might be or what chances to break something might
>       exist.
>    2. We move English translations from Translation-en.bz2
>       to the packages table making sure that all existing UDD
>       applications will work immediately again.  
>    3. We drop long_description field from packages table now
>       and *calculate* the md5 sums from long_escription for those
>       releases where it is missing and keep all long_descriptions
>       inside the ddtp table.

Its a 100% sure that 1 wont happen for Lenny. That one is going away
pretty soon.
I would give it a 5% chance to happen for Squeeze. But the actual people
you want to discuss a change like that with are the SRMs. Not me.

And the state is not "inconsistent", its just on a move from old to

(Oh, and no, packages.d.o is NOT using UDD)

bye, Joerg
Ubuntu: An ancient african word meaning "I can't configure Debian"

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