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Re: binary -> source mapping file from the BTS

>> the PTS needs to grab the latest
>> /org/bugs.debian.org/etc/indices/sources file. Would it be possible
>> to make this file available over HTTP in some stable URL (e.g. below
>> http://bugs.debian.org/) ?
> I can certainly make that file available (we get it from dak, and it's
> already available via rsync) but if you're trying to do binary->source
> mapping, that's not the file that you want. We only use that as a last
> gasp effort if a proper mapping doesn't work.

> Doing a proper binary->source requires knowing the (binary
> package,version,arch) triple, and that file doesn't know anything
> about that. [It also doesn't know anything about historical binary
> versions that we may have shipped.]

> This is what the code in binary_to_source does that we expose via
> SOAP, and it uses the binsrc.idx bdb database file, which you can
> rsync directly from the BTS
> (rsync://bugs-mirror.debian.org/bts-versions/indices/binsrc.idx). [You
> should also be able to directly rsync the sources file using
> rsync://bugs-mirror.debian.org/bts-spool-indexes/sources .]

This sounds like it entirely should be a file provided by dak, not by
the BTS.

There are various files we have that list various relations. One is
pkg-file-mapping used by snapshot, then whatever the bts is using, but
whatever, this should be exported by us if another service needs
it. After all we are the canonical location for that kind of data.
So, what exactly do you need?

bye, Joerg
Oh, so they have internet on computers now!

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