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Hi list,

a few days ago i stumbled over a feature in a german online mag on Ubuntu 
Papercuts. Ubuntu Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PaperCut
I think this could be a way for Debian to attract more users to bug triaging 
and bug fixing. The project lives in Launchpad at: 
https://launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts and seems to be working quite well. The 
question is if and how this could be transported to Debian as well.
We, at sidux, as we do not have our own bugtracker, get such easy-to-fix 
usability bugs a lot on our forums. Unfortunately we lack the manpower to file 
these bugs correctly. We resort to do this only for more severe bugs we get 
reports on. So the papercut idea grew on me for a few days and i find it more 
and more appealing. I would also be interested in helping set up something 
similar. Any ideas on this?


Ferdi Thommes
Vorstand sidux e.V.
Fellow of FSFE
LinuxTag e.V.
we are sidux - resistance is futile - you will be assimilated ;)

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