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Re: Request to Hijack libdbd-sybase-perl


I must apologize profusely for my behaviour vis a vis all of this. It
was upsetting to me that my first e-mail didn't elicit any sort of
response or acknowledgement, even though I had seen you participating
on other mailing lists. I felt like the request was ignored entirely,
and failed to take into account all of the other issues surrounding
the package upgrade.

Many of the other people I work closely with in the Debian community
have tremendous respect for you, and I can see why. I am humbled that
you were the bigger person here even though I was a complete jerk to
you, and turned this whole thing into something that may yet have a
productive outcome. I still think that an upgrade is in order, given
all the bug fixes bundled in the upstream package, so when I have some
time, I'll look into the FTBFS issues.

I know we got off on the wrong foot, but if we ever meet, and I hope
someday we will, I owe you a beer.

Once again, I'm tremendously sorry for the trouble, and for wasting your time.

Warm Regards,


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