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Request to Hijack libdbd-sybase-perl


libdbd-sybase-perl is a Debian package maintained by Steve Langasek
<vorlon@debian.org>. It is also quite outdated, and there are bugs
filed against it dating from 6+ years ago.

I have e-mailed the maintainer of the package directly, then
subsequently filed a follow-up request to the initial bug report by
Florian Ragwitz over 3 years ago informing the maintainer that there
is a new upstream version, which has various fixes.

He replied to that bug, but I don't really understand his response. He
is not technically MIA as he has quite a bit of activity on the
mailing lists (I see him participating quite actively on debian-policy
and debian-devel), though he does have a tendency to ignore bug
reports or other e-mails.

I would really like to know the procedure for taking over a module
(under the auspices of the pkg-perl team), given that he's not really
MIA but seems to refuse to upgrade it without explanation. It would be
nice if he actually maintained the package and closed some of the
outstanding bugs, but I would be just as happy to take over the
package as part of pkg-perl and maintain it under our team.

I prefer not to do an NMU, especially since he does occasionally
respond to e-mails. And he seems to suggest (from our interaction on
the bug tracker) that I'm not really allowed to do so.

I have asked him how to proceed but received no response to that
either. So, I'm hoping debian-qa will have the solution.

Thanks in advance.



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