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Re: Problems witht the QA redirector

Hi Martín,

Martín Ferrari wrote:
> Hi!
> On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 20:01, Raphael Geissert
> <atomo64+debian@gmail.com> wrote:
>> (basically what I told you yesterday via IRC.)
> Er... I don't have that in my backlog... Which channel?

I didn't explain all that, but:

16:54 <raphael> Tincho: the sf redirector issue should be fixed as soon as
somebody commits a change I just sumbitted on #-qa and the redirector is

By the way, could you please update the DEHS link on pkg-perl.a.d.o so that
it uses report.php instead of maintainer.php?
Just replace it with:

P.S. no need to CC me as long as -qa receives a copy :)

Raphael Geissert - Debian Maintainer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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