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Re: Problems witht the QA redirector

Hi Martín,

(basically what I told you yesterday via IRC.)

Martín Ferrari wrote:
> Last week the redirector started to give server errors (500 - No
> mirror could satisfy the request. Please report this message to
> debian-qa@lists.debian.org) and today it happened again.

This has now been fixed by adding another mirror that doesn't require
enhanced matching. The change introducing the new mirror has been committed
and it will be live in less than a day (I think the qa.d.o wlm pages are
rebuilt twice a day.)

> It seems that 
> this doesn't affect uscan, as one of the headers it sends
> (X-Uscan-Features: enhanced-matching) but it renders PET unusable.

enhanced-matching basically means storing the addresses of the all the pages
uscan is redirected to. Look at 367-387 and 845-870 of uscan.

The special header was introduced to avoid breaking older versions of uscan
and other implementations, so if you add support for enhanced matching
don't forget to send that header as well. That header's format is a
comma-separated list of features (enhanced-matching is the only existing
one atm.)

Raphael Geissert - Debian Maintainer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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