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Re: Udd not accessible via psql after move to other host

On 15/05/09 at 10:05 +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi,
> the UDD wiki page [1] gives the following advise:
>  o From merkel.debian.org: /usr/lib/postgresql/8.3/bin/psql 'service=udd'
>    This gives a psql session - but it seems not to be the up to date UDD:
> tille@merkel:~$ /usr/lib/postgresql/8.3/bin/psql -q 'service=udd'
> udd=> \d packages
> ERROR:  column "reltriggers" does not exist
> LINE 1: SELECT relhasindex, relkind, relchecks, reltriggers, relhasr...
>                                                 ^
>  o From alioth.debian.org: psql 'service=udd'

That's caused by using 8.3 on the client side and 8.4 on the server
side. Can you live without it (using the schema on the website, for
example) ?

> tille@alioth:~$ psql 'service=udd'
> psql: server closed the connection unexpectedly
>         This probably means the server terminated abnormally
>         before or while processing the request.
>  o Same with python-psycopg2: conn = psycopg2.connect(host="localhost",port=5441,user="guest",database="udd")                                                                                                       

That's caused by an expired SSL certificate on alioth.
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