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lintian errors/warnings on ddpo-by-mail emails

Hi all,

Most of those reading this email probably already know about it: I'm taking
over ddpo-by-mail. And so I decided to include the number of lintian errors
and warnings on the generated emails, but those not being a reason for the
message to be sent (i.e. it requires that an RC bug exists, the package has
no yet migrated, etc, for the email to be sent.)

But since I don't want the email to be too noisy, what do others think about

A sample is:

To: foo <bar@moo.tld>
X-Debian: ddpomail
Subject: Possible problems in your Debian packages

=== libactivesupport-ruby:
= No migration to testing for 181 days.
= Lintian reports 3 warning(s), you should consider fixing them.

=== libflexmock-ruby:
= Lintian reports 3 warning(s), you should consider fixing them.

=== libtzinfo-ruby:
= 1 bug(s) that should be fixed for the next Debian release:
- #503591 <http://bugs.debian.org/503591>
  Please don't include yet another copy of tzdata in the archive
= Not in testing for 182 days.
= Lintian reports 6 warning(s), you should consider fixing them.

=== Packages with a new upstream version according to DEHS:
  libflexmock-ruby  0.8.6  (Debian: 0.8.5-1)
  libtzinfo-ruby  0.3.13  (Debian: 0.3.12-1)

Would it be ok to leave it that way? or only mention lintian errors? or only
when the same package has serious issues? or only when the same package
does *not* have any serious issue? or any combination of those? or should
lintian stuff be kept out of these emails?

Please take a couple of minutes and give your personal opinion.

Oh, and do it soon, since I'd like to send the first round before the next

Raphael Geissert - Debian Maintainer
www.debian.org - get.debian.net

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