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Re: Request to adopt txt2tags

Eder L. Marques wrote:
> Luk Claes escreveu:

> The txt2tags upstream contact me, saying that he tried to contact the
> package maintainer, but didn't have success.
> After, I followed the procedure described on Debian Developers
> Reference[1] before mail the mia/qa Team.
> I tried to contact the maintainer, sending a message 08.2008 and another
> 09.2008, without success.

There is no single trace of that in the BTS?!

> After that, I collect these information and sent to mia team.
>>> I am trying during 7 months to update a package and fix some bugs,
>>> but without any answer...
>> I think it's strange that you have not send anything to any of the
>> open bugs, maybe you can offer co-maintenance?
> As you can see, there's bugs filled more than 4 years ago, and bugs with
> patches. These bugs were fixed in newer versions of txt2tags, and yes, I
> talked with the upstream and work with him to fix these problems.

Please do send an offer for co-maintenance to one of the 'new upstream'

> I made a package that fix 6 of the 7 opened bugs[2].
> But if even the upstream can't keep in touch with the package
> maintainer, how can you say that the maintainer is active? Did you
> contact him and get an answer? Because we couldn't.

No, he's active on the lists, so he seems to be active, though please
send an offer for co-maintenance to one of the bugs in the BTS.

>> I hope you can work something out with the maintainer.
> The upstream and me are trying during the last 7 months, but we didn't
> receive any answer. This is a very demotivating situation, for me and
> for the upstream, and even for Debian users, that are complaining to the
> upstream about the very outdated package.
> 1- http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/beyond-pkging.html#mia-qa
> 2- http://edermarques.net/pacotes/txt2tags/
> So, could you please check with the maintainer if he really want to
> maintain the package, or made this orphan to be adopted by me?

If the maintainer really does not respond when you send such an offer to
the BTS, I would consider looking into bapase as the maintainer seems to
be active. That would possibly give you a way to take over one of his



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