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Re: Request to adopt txt2tags

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Luk Claes escreveu:
>> Is the MIA team MIA?
> No, it seems the maintainer is active, but maybe is not taking as much
> care of txt2tags as you want.

Thank you for your fast answer Luk. Is the first, so is because of that
I said the MIA team was mia.

The txt2tags upstream contact me, saying that he tried to contact the
package maintainer, but didn't have success.

After, I followed the procedure described on Debian Developers
Reference[1] before mail the mia/qa Team.

I tried to contact the maintainer, sending a message 08.2008 and another
09.2008, without success.

After that, I collect these information and sent to mia team.

>> I am trying during 7 months to update a package and fix some bugs,
>>but without any answer...
> I think it's strange that you have not send anything to any of the
> open bugs, maybe you can offer co-maintenance?

As you can see, there's bugs filled more than 4 years ago, and bugs with
patches. These bugs were fixed in newer versions of txt2tags, and yes, I
talked with the upstream and work with him to fix these problems.

I made a package that fix 6 of the 7 opened bugs[2].

But if even the upstream can't keep in touch with the package
maintainer, how can you say that the maintainer is active? Did you
contact him and get an answer? Because we couldn't.

> I hope you can work something out with the maintainer.

The upstream and me are trying during the last 7 months, but we didn't
receive any answer. This is a very demotivating situation, for me and
for the upstream, and even for Debian users, that are complaining to the
upstream about the very outdated package.

1- http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/beyond-pkging.html#mia-qa
2- http://edermarques.net/pacotes/txt2tags/

So, could you please check with the maintainer if he really want to
maintain the package, or made this orphan to be adopted by me?

Kind regards,

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