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Re: Removing orphaned packages from testing

Barry deFreese wrote:
> I'm struggling a little with this.  Obviously I'm the first person to
> want to see cruft removed and I realize we are just talking about
> testing but I'm thinking about something like Gtk1.2 which is currently
> orphaned with 60+ r(b)depends.  Do we really want to those have issues
> too before we have a plan to do anything about them?

I'm afraid I don't get what you mean. Those packages should be ported or
removed from the archive together with gtk+. There was already a proposal
to move that kind of packages to some other repo outside the main debian
mirrors so that anyone could pick them up. And no, I'm not talking about
snapshots.d.n/o, although that may work as well.

> Cripes I have been fighting for months for gnome-libs and imlib which
> have a handful of r(b)depends between the two.  Or libnet0 which has 3.

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