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Re: Removing orphaned packages from testing


On Dienstag, 17. Februar 2009, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> ...On the contrary there are crap packages with
> maintainers, often bitroting in a team.
> As those packages don't have the chance to have a maintainer, I would
> like to propose the creation of the "Packages without maintainer team"
> to fix that. Obviously they should be lowNMU threshold.

I don't understand. You don't propose to hijack those packages and put them on 
lowNMU with a virtual non-maintainer?

How would that help?

Or to ask differently, why do you think this will be less controversial (or 
better..) than, aeh, doing this with the established QA team as 
maintainer? ;-) (And still, how should that work (in detail)?)


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