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Re: Removing orphaned packages from testing

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> [Raphael Geissert]
>> The idea was to leave them out of *testing*, not immediately
>> dropping them from the archive.
> Isn't this equivalent to stating that being unmaintained is a release
> critical bug in a package? 

Yes, like I mentioned in my original mail.

> And if it is, would it not be better to 
> just register new RC bugs to document the fact, and allow those
> interested in those packages a place to add their comments about it?

That's a possibility. And as soon as the BTS supports 'affects' it would be
easier to file the O bug against the package with affects set to wnpp.

> Packages with RC bugs are removed regularly from testing, and thus
> this approach should give the same result as targeting unmaintained
> packages specially.


> Personally, I agree that unmaintained packages are unfit for release,
> and thus should have RC bugs registered against them to keep them out
> of testing.  :)

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