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Re: Package removals and PROP_RM

On 05/12/08 at 08:20 -0500, Barry deFreese wrote:
> Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
>> On 04/12/08 at 13:52 -0500, Barry deFreese wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> I've been working on removals and QA uploads and such but I feel like 
>>>  I'm working in a bit of a vacuum.  Do we have any establish 
>>> guidelines  for removing a package vs PROP_RM?
>> The QA group doesn't have any established, official authority to request
>> removal of packages[*]. When we request the removal of a package, we are
>> allowed to do so because ftpmasters, and the project as a whole, think
>> that we generally do the right thing.
>> However, we can make mistakes sometimes. The PROP_RM process is just a
>> standard procedure that guarantees that some reasonable amount of time
>> is given to others to complain about your removal request. But it won't
>> protect you from criticism.
>> So, if you personally want to take the responsibility to remove a
>> package, it's fine to just RM: it. If you want to stay on a slightly
>> safer side, use PROP_RM.
>> [*] AFAIK, the only people who have this right, are:
>> - the package's maintainer
>> - the ftpmasters, because of issues in their scope
> Lucas,
> Thanks for the response.  But in these cases I am looking strictly at  
> orphaned packages so I guess you could say QA is the maintainer,  
> couldn't you?

Ah, right. I missed that. For QA packages, I don't think you need to go
through PROP_RM. Just double-check with someone if you have doubts, and
request removal.
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