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Re: Package removals and PROP_RM

On 04/12/08 at 13:52 -0500, Barry deFreese wrote:
> Folks,
> I've been working on removals and QA uploads and such but I feel like  
> I'm working in a bit of a vacuum.  Do we have any establish guidelines  
> for removing a package vs PROP_RM?

The QA group doesn't have any established, official authority to request
removal of packages[*]. When we request the removal of a package, we are
allowed to do so because ftpmasters, and the project as a whole, think
that we generally do the right thing.

However, we can make mistakes sometimes. The PROP_RM process is just a
standard procedure that guarantees that some reasonable amount of time
is given to others to complain about your removal request. But it won't
protect you from criticism.

So, if you personally want to take the responsibility to remove a
package, it's fine to just RM: it. If you want to stay on a slightly
safer side, use PROP_RM.

[*] AFAIK, the only people who have this right, are:
- the package's maintainer
- the ftpmasters, because of issues in their scope
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