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Re: removal of opendb?

Evgeni Golov wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> while looking at RC bugs (especially the Snoopy.class ones, #504173 for
> opendb), I noticed that the package is in a quite bad state:
> 1. 5 NMUs since your last upload [2007-02-14]
> 2. Upstream is at version 1.5, Debian still has 0.8.2
> 3. Lintian reports 1 error and 18 warnings
> 4. postinst installs a default admin user, with a default password
>    (test/test)
> Additionally, popcon lists only 22 installations of the package.
> I wonder if we should just remove the package for now, and if someone
> (you?) wants the package after Lenny is released, he/she can prepare
> 1.5 and upload it?

Removal of opendb seems like a good course of action.  I've been working
on updating the package since 1.0 came out but I haven't yet got the
upgrade procedure working, hence the delay in releasing a 1.x package.

Michael Schultheiss
E-mail: schultmc@debian.org

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