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Re: doubts about Lenny and available QA tools, release and security team, drivers

Hello, Steve
Many thanks for your answers.
I did not imagine that a single people would answer all of the
questions. I will consolidate all the individual answers from others at
a single text.

> But it's rather late in the cycle for that anyway - you would 
> have been
> better off testing for the hardware of interest several months 
> earlier in
> the development cycle, not when we're in the middle of the full
> release freeze.

Is there a public url, (maybe at http://release.debian.org) , listing
the convenient dates for kernel drivers contributions and bug reports?
Is the best approach try to submit to upstream kernel devs or discuss at
[7] before?

I will try to explain the last question.
Given an old package (from Sarge or Woody), with security maintenance
made "in house", by backporting security fixes to the source and
rebuilding that package, are there tools that help to verify this
rebuilt package does not break (conflicts) the system?
Maybe, are debcheck, lintian, piuparts enough?
I am not talking about sw own regression tests, but debian distribution
integrity tests, verifying that package follow FHS, and init.d policy,
for example.
What tools QA and Release teams use to verify "readiness" of a release?
I hope this explanation helps.
Andre Felipe

[7] http://lists.debian.org/debian-kernel/

Em Dom, 2008-10-19 às 13:20 -0700, Steve Langasek escreveu:

> No.  Why would Debian be providing regression tests for software we don't
> ship?
> > Could you point an url with the correct answers to these questions?
> No.

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