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UDD and bugs assigned to two or more packages

Hi all,

I've just toyed a bit with the UDD and probably discovered a bug:
#445875 is assigned to two binary packages that belong to the same source 
package but UDD lists as 'source' the same as the bug's 'package':

udd=> select package, source from bugs where id = '445875';
          package           |           source
 boinc-client,boinc-manager | boinc-client,boinc-manager

So queries with "where source = 'boinc'" do not include #445875. On the other 
hand Debbugs knows that this bug belongs to the boinc source package:

$ bts select source:boinc | grep 445875

So UDD should also know that this bug belongs to boinc and should not list 
binary packages in the 'source' field, right?

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